ROCKIN BERRIES Gallery 1970/6 1986/96

I had 2 periods with The Berries 1970/76 and 1986/96. First pic Batley Variety Club before my first performance with them 1970. I would have loved to be on there hits in ’65 but I was doing my own records with EMI as Tony Brook and the Breakers. Didn’t make the charts but popular with the Mods. ( my own song ‘Meanie Genie’)

rocking berries 70's black n white

BOBBY CHUCK  TEZ  TERRY  PETE The band later reduced to 4 as Terry could double as Comedian, Singer and Musician

Having done my local Batley Variety club with the popular 4 Statesmen, I was straight in the deep end as my first week with the Berries was there.

.berries batleybatley berries hey     worzel berries

berries 009Rockin Berry Kids 001

  miss new brighton

Terry n Chuck  Judges Miss New Brighton 1972


Summer Season ABC Blackpool 1973

berries 004 batley 001

Two Terrys  Webster and Bond Blackpool ladies team


While appearing with Lovelace Watkins at the ABC,  the shows director Michael Grade asked the Berries if they would like to leave the show to do three weeks supporting Tom Jones at The London Palladium which they gladly accepted.


Telegram for the TOM JONES Palladium show 1973

tom 001

palladium 001palladium 002

Frankie LONDON PALLADIUM   Programme   1973

batleyDrummer Tez Bond is humpty dumpty

 lift off 002



berries billiardstheatre club       

     Darlington Hotel Ayr                        Terry’s Home turf Wakefield Theatre Club 70s

berries llokin upberries 002

Berries Boat

BERRIESworzel berries


poier 001terriy 008

Slap my thigh it’s Space 99’s Gabriella Drake.   Robinson Crusoe Wolverhampton Grand’73

Terry evil mate with Captain Chuck

panto 005 panto 004 panto 003 panto 002 PANTO 001WIZZARD TW Panto 1973. Ironic that Wizzards drummer Keith Smart who had just been on Top Of The Pops with that record, sat in for our drummer Terry Bond who was taken ill during the panto. Keith later became The Berries permanent drummer.


batley 002

Olivia’s autograph says:   “To Terry Brenda and Bambino   Lots of love  Keep trying, you’ll take me off yet.”  Olivia NJ.

batley 004

Autograph reads:  “To big boy Terry”    as Terry Jnr our first was born in Wakefield 1972 while I was on stage at Plymouth on the Sacha Distel tour. Sacha broke the news to me and to the audience.

poier cleethrps

royal festival hall

Royal Festival Hall                                                             ALan ‘Fluff’ Freeman  compere

Rocking berries single Terry’s idea of pop stars doing nursery rhymes

Berries 321 003 Berries 321 002  

Dubai 1980’s

With Roadie Pete Shepperd far right

Pete Shepperd (Roadie) RIP  Chuck Guitar RIP 2020

Berries 321Rocking Berriesberlin

elv Telviselvis cynthiaberries 001terriy 002  Pics by Cynthia

berries fantasy 001How we should look. 80’s style by Marcus


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