I created the DO WOP CHRISTMAS medley single handed.  DING DONG MERRILY   JINGLE BELLS, DECK THE HALLS and others . I did the music and girls voices by speeding up my voice on tape for the Phil Spector Wall Of Sound style and Brenda Lee for the Jive Bunny Christmas Albums. My Brenda Lee imitation and production of “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree” was included in the soundtrack of the Will Smith, Gene Hackman hit film  “Enemy Of The State” and credited to Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers.

While I accept the products need anonymity there are some areas on writer credits that have been totally ignored. Somebody took the trouble to name the original writer Pierpoint rather than add my name to my ‘Jingle Bells’ arrangement. It’s pathetic power preening stuff. I will continue to fight for my rights.

Their very successful Christmas album originally featured my work on nearly every track, mainly full single handed productions except for a sax player from my home studio with half a dozen or so of my vocals added to backing tracks created by keyboardist Dave Cass. The later album Ultimate Christmas had additions of non Christmas songs . At least Dave Cass got credit for MY work, that is more than I could.

MUSIC FACTORY PREFER TO LEAVE MY NAME OUT OF ANY OF THEIR CHRISTMAS ALBUMS.  It’s a bit like  Disney not giving credit to their cartoonists. Or Mel Blanc for voices on Looney Tunes.  Too small time….


A quote by Jive Bunny on the Internet

Jive Bunny‘s Ultimate Christmas Party has been the best selling mid-price album in the UK for over the last 10 years with sales exceeding 300,000 units, …


ultimate crap 001THE OFFENDING ITEM!!


crap credits 001

It is Music Factory policy not to credit individual artistes for cover versions but it seems no credit for my traditional arrangements either. I was advised by them to do carols as I would get royalties. I had no idea that I would get nothing or a no name credit.

I created single handedly soundalikes of the PHIL SPECTOR CHRISTMAS classics,  SLADE  WIZZARD  BRENDA LEE  ELVIS  BEACH BOYS  and the voices of CLIFF RICHARD  ALED JONES  JOHNY MATHIS NAT KING COLE JONA LEWIE QUEEN   etc. Also productions for other albums and numerous vocal contributions at the Rotherham studios. I did re makes of their original number one’s.

j bunny 003j bunny 001j bunny 002

jive bunny 4

Two albums totally my vocals, music,  arrangements and production. A one man job.

A generous review below where the guy is totally unaware that every voice, instrument and arrangement is done by me. My DING DONG MERRILY is dismissed as ‘Traditional’ on the album.

Review by Jason Birchmeier

Spectacular Christmas features Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers blazing through a whopping total of 32 holiday songs, several of them well-known. Some of the more popular songs here include “Blue Christmas,” “Silent Night,” “The Christmas Song,” “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” and many more. But there are also a lot of fun inclusions here like “Ding Dong Merrily” and “Another Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas” that are a bit more obscure. Nonetheless, Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers manage to liven up nearly every song on this album, making it a fun album to play at your next holiday party. This is lighthearted Christmas music performed in an invigorating style with few moments to catch your breath.

In happier earlier times I did get a mention as in this Q Magazine article…..

jive bunny review

jive bunny review crop

Title Credits should read:  Do Wop Christmas    trad arr: Webster

A Medley of  Here We Come A Caroling  Deck The Halls  Good King Wenceslas  We Three Kings

DING DONG MERRILY  trad arr: Terry Webster   (Voices and Music Terry Webster) JINGLE BELLS    Traditional \arrangement  Terry Webster  (Voices and Music Terry W


jive bunny 1 jive bunny 2 jive bunny 3


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